Karam Kriya 4 Kundalini Yoga


4 Pathways through the Temple of Life

There are 4 doors through which to enter the Golden Temple. The door that you enter from will determine the pathway that you will follow through the temple of your spiritual life. Each of the other doors will be passed on the way but in a different sequence. The 4 pathways provide their own unique teachings and decide your experience as you fulfil the destiny of your soul’s journey.

4 pathways To enlightenment and liberation. 4 ways to walk through your relation and experience of the teachings. 4 journeys for the soul to enjoy. 4 ways to fall in love. 4 circuits through the temple of life.


In these days we will study and experience each of these paths. We will identify where they are in the teachings. And discover specific meditations, mantras and kriyas that correspond to these different paths. Including an open space for your own questions about Karam Kriya 4 Kundalini Yoga.


KK4KY Trainings


Portugal with Shiv Charan Singh

8-11 May 2020 at Quinta do Rajo, Portugal

Contact: Paramatma Kaur

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South-Germany with Bachitar Kaur, Hari Krishan Singh and Atma Singh

14-19 May 2020 at Yogahouse Prasaad in Engen, South-Germany

Contact: Bachitar Kaur

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