Tithai seeto seetaa mahimaa maahi. taa kay roop na kathnay jaahi

Myriads of Sitas are there, cool and calm in their majestic glory, their beauty cannot be described.

(Pauree 37 Jap Ji Sahib)

Like Seeta, Rama‘s wife representing the consciousness being captured, women are rarely aware of the essential figure they are and represent in our modern world as well as the impact they can have.

The false image that has been put on us and that we passively contributed to is keeping us away from our main qualities of strength and delicacy, focus and altruism, firmness and compassion, clarity and kindness, stability and flexibility.

Most of us as women miss a point of reference which is beyond what is deemed to be the “reality” we are trying to fit in instead of fitting perfectly in us.

A stable ground on which they can stand safely and let their inner light radiate, through their presence, their deep inner wisdom, their humility, their service, their self-empowerment, their devotion.

“Nothing is more beautiful than a learned woman” Yogi Bhajan.

Through the study of the numbers through life and life through numbers; Karam Kriya Woman focuses on certain issues that women may encounter in their life. Sharing from women for women the primal intelligence of the numbers and a right understanding, these workshops offer a chance to a meeting with our higher consciousness, bringing concrete and efficient changes on topics which are essential to Women.

Karam Kriya Women brings all the qualities a woman can manifest for herself, for her environment, for the planet, right now and for 7 generations after her.

It is a serie of workshops, gatherings and sharings all over the world, from Russia to Jamaica to France and Australia where women from different cultures, different lives come to a experience a sense of Common Unity  .

 It is the harmonious merging of the highest consciousness and the kindest deeds, through the study of the numbers, the guiding principles standing behind them and the magical alchemy of relationships that permeates everything.

"The future is feminine" Let Us make it happening Now! Come and join us any where in the world!

Come and join us anywhere in the world for a Karam Kriya Experience

The Karam Kriya Women Sangat